The NEAR2 project is co-financed
by European Commission Directorate
General for Research & Innovation as
part of the 7th Framework Programme

Welcome to the NEAR2 Project

The NEAR2 Project aims to build a rail research network along the Trans-Eurasian land bridge and establish an efficient cooperation among the rail research centers in order to promote railway transport research and development. NEAR2 Research Network will exploit the complementary strengths of the collaborating institutions and experts to build coordinated integrated research capacity to support the railway industry at a strategic, tactical and operational level.

The Rail Research Network that will be formulated will exploit the structure and leverage the achievements of the existing European Rail Research Network of Excellence (EURNEX), along the Trans-Eurasian land bridge, engaging this way all the existing research centers in a continuous and fruitful international cooperation.

D4.5: Final Project Publication

The Final Project Publication in brief